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Hello World, it’s Ryan Gomez.

Ryan Represents is the portfolio of Ryan Gomez, a data scientist that uses information and spatial analysis to explore human trends. This work has began with a campaign for public office in 2020 and grew into the fight for fair redistricting and data wrangling for academic research.

New for 2023

IV Waste’s New Curbside Collection Plan

In November of 2022, IV Waste took over curbside waste and recycling service for a wide swath of New Orleans. To help improve service and fulfill Dept. of Sanitation R.F.P. requirements, Ryan Represents counted eligible addresses, designed service routes and advertised changes. Learn more about how Ryan Represents helped this city subcontractor increase their monthly reimbursements by thousands of dollars.

Featured Projects

A Map Explorer for Legislative Boundaries

Presented by the Inst. for Democracy in Higher Ed. at Tufts University, The Campus Boundaries Project identifies high concentrations of College Students and their interaction with 2010 Cong., Upper and Lower State Congressional Lines.

Fair Redistricting

I’m honored to have contributed to the recent 2020 redistricting cycle. Watch this space for my recollections as a Redistricting Fellow with Common Cause and my recent proposals for La. State House and Senate Maps and an 11-Seat Jefferson Parish School Board map.

Data for Research

Geospatial Data Standardization takes data covering different geographic scopes and produces a clean dataset that encourages apples-to-apples comparisons.

I use data analysis and mapping to illustrate trends in my community.