IV Waste Area-2 West Fulfillment

In late 2022, Ryan Represents helped IV Waste start waste and recycling collection in a wide swath of New Orleans. This required…

  • Collecting Eligible Addresses
  • Designing routes, publish maps and submit digital copies to the City of New Orleans
  • Help advertise propose changes in print and social media

Collecting Eligible Addresses

Certain residential and commercial addresses are deemed eligible locations for curbside pickup. Originally estimated to be about 45,000 addresses, Ryan Represents updated this list with an additional 3-6,000 locations representing an addition of $75,000+ in monthly reimbursements for IV Waste.

Designing Routes and Publishing Maps

Using our count of eligible addresses and collaborating with dispatch and truck drivers, over 5 daily areas, over 50 waste routes and over 20 recycling routes were designed. These routes were published both digitally and on paper with custom base maps.

Advertising Service Changes

Ryan Represents designed newspaper advertising and distributed magnets to each eligible locations to signal changes in service, signaling improved service, dependability and quality of life for New Orleanians.