I’m Ryan Gomez and I’m Running for Office

Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee (OPDEC)

New Election Announcement

Much has changed since my original announcement to run for the local Orleans Parish Democratic Party Executive Committee. The date for this election has been changed once and again, and the nation has been plunged into crisis. These difficult times gives us the opportunity to imagine and fight for a better world.

Given our challenging year, I affirm my commitment to representing my neighborhood.

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On the Ballot

Since January, I’ve been running for a seat on the Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee, known as the OPDEC or the Orleans Parish DPEC. Both report to the Democratic State Central Committee. Between the parishes and the state, “They are responsible for the endorsement of local candidates, as well as for building Democratic infrastructure within their communities.” For more about this office, please inspect my original announcement from January.

Representing my Community

I’m blessed to live in Uptown New Orleans. The Pandemic, Lock Down and Demonstrations have given me an opportunity to listen to my community and reaffirm my commitment to representing my neighbors at the local level.

Our neighbors proclaim that Black Lives Matter!

It was moving to march with my neighbors, of all classes and colors, to work against racism. It isn’t enough to be inclusive, we must be anti-racist. Ensuring that the enlightenment principles of our great republic, the freedom of speech, faith, fearlessness and prosperity, apply to Black people, Black women, Black Trans people, the indigenous and the undocumented guarantee freedom for all.

We’re very lucky in Orleans Parish that our demonstrations have been peaceful and that many fought for a consent decree to govern our local police. Thus, we must continue forward to push Democratic Party platform that decommodifies the police, reorients resources away from reactive measures and towards community development.

Our neighbors work hard!

The shock of the pandemic has highlighted the struggle of the essential class of workers in our community. We cannot reopen our society without a better way forward for all. Many or my neighbors are particularly skilled servers, cooks, bartenders, performers, guides and many who make New Orleans’ the world’s most hospitable city. They are yet vulnerable by the same ill that corrupts our society: that those who make the decisions don’t do the job. Instead, our workers must work with protection, dignity and compensation.

Our neighbors care for others!

It is my hope that the pandemic has reoriented our priorities towards care for others. The nurses and healthcare professionals who put themselves on the front lines of the pandemic deserve a society that cares for everyone. It is unacceptable that our healthcare outcomes are much poorer for the most vulnerable in our society. Demographically, we face a daunting task caring for the millions of Americans who reach retirement age. Therefore, we must place a priority on protecting our community by promoting a healthier society.

Through the Democratic Process

While, there’s much to disagree with the corporatized state of two-party politics, I’m still proud to be a Democrat. It is a mistake to believe that there’s little difference between the Democrats or Republicans. Progressive values must imbue American democracy and I believe the best way is to reform our institutions from the bottom up. The lowest level of elected party office is the Democratic Party Parish Executive Committees, which select 70 members from across New Orleans.

Democratic Party Parish Executive Committees (DPECs)…

  • hold general responsibility for local Democratic Party affairs
  • report to State and National Committees
  • endorse local candidates
  • build party infrastructure
  • fund raise support these activities
  • hold at least four meetings to organize these activities
  • and affiliate with local organizations.

Source: Louisiana Democrats

Renewing the Democratic Party with the younger voices, artistic expression and solidarity with the workers in our service and creative industries will lead to victory.

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