Skills and Services

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I specialize in analyzing and illustrating public, electoral and demographic data. My work works well with the following groups and aims.

  • Political and civil society advocacy
  • Academic investigation
  • Journalistic fact-finding and storytelling
  • Grant-Supported research
  • Public agencies
  • Private asset management
  • Development and land use

Geographic Information Systems


Great work grows from ample material. While stored in different formats, State, Local and National agencies feature a treasure trove of natural, demographic, political, property and land-use databases.

Data Scrubbing

Often, these varying sources are stored in a dizzying variety of ways. For instance, many local agencies store map information in PDF images. Allow me to scrub your data for consistency and even create custom GIS feature files. Details matter!

Storage and Retrieval

To aid in my political analysis, I’ve built a cloud-based PostGIS-extended PostgreSQL RDS hosted on Amazon AWS. This includes a geocoder built with Census TIGER data. This database is populated using ETL scripts that prepares screen-scraped data for storage.



With an abundance of information clamoring for a scarcity of attention, visualization can synthesize and deliver compelling stories.


High quality map making and cartography complements written articles and visual projects, adding dimension and context for the consumer.

Data Art

Creativity stems from experimenting and taking risks. A practice in Data Art, inspired by the beauty of the land, nourishes new ideas for communicating information.


Political Trends

Vote totals, trends and other public information reveals patterns wins elections. A mix of spatial analysis and statistical analysis like correlations can help us reveal new surprises.

Transportation Analysis

Transportation connects the landscape around us with our lived experience. Analysis of bike, car and public transportation usage can help highlight equitable access in a variety of fields.

Land Use Analysis

From macro to micro scale, we can investigate the relationship between the natural and built world. GIS can help us investigate tree cover, wetlands coverage and urban patterns of settlement over time.

Custom Mapping

You’re invited to request my help in crafting custom mapping for your organization. These maps can be compiled highlighting important features related to your cause or project. The can be a combination of public and internal data, arranged as you see fit.


If a picture tells a thousand words, imagine the rich world of an interactive infographics. Inspired by the pioneering work of New York Times, etc, I’ve included an example I’ve built in javascript D3 of local election results.

My Process

Linux and Ubuntu

From the start of my career, I’ve chosen Linux based systems for their superior value, customization and ease. I also prefer to work in my favorite language, Python, and make use of it’s endless libraries for data analysis.

Open Source QGIS

I also avoid proprietary software and enjoy the endless interoperability of Open Source software. QGIS is an ideal example of a free, feature-rich environment supported by a passionate community. This allows me to work efficiently.

Inkscape and More

I find that many Open Source alternatives to popular software provide superior work spaces for my projects. This includes Inkscape, for vector-based design, and Libre Office, for spreadsheets and data analysis.

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