Take a Tour of District B

District B is my home! But ask me were I stay and I’ll have lots of answers. If people ask me from far away, I say New Orleans, or Uptown New Orleans. For locals, I can tell them “Central City” near St. Charles, or point the old timers toward the 11th Ward. Very often, people know right where to place me where I start listing my nearby corner stores.

So just what is District B, and do I belong?

OPDEC Races are run along City Council lines and District B covers pieces of Uptown, the CBD, Central City, Broodmoor and even Mid-City. New Orleans, of course, has a long history of Native American settlement that gave way to plantations upriver from Vieux Carre. The famous Wards of New Orleans follow the river and are mostly historic. Modern voting precincts are roughly based off these lines and District B has had the same boundaries for at least 20 years.

District B Map
District B begins at the original French-American dividing line, Canal Street, and New Orleans annexed various American villages as it spread Upriver.
Historic Wards of District B
District B covers all of Ward 1 and 2, some of Ward 3 and 4, all of Wards 10, 11, 12 and 13, and pieces of Wards 14 and 16.