2020 Statement to Queer Exchange NOLA

A few days before the election, I made an appeal to a private New Orleans Facebook group designed as a place for “New Orleans queer folks to barter goods/services/skills/support.” I selected this group of over 3,000 followers for my pitch, as opposed other Gay New Orleans Facebook groups because it sits at the nexus of identity as well as economy. I think that Mutual Aid groups that focus on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is the wave of the future.

I hope it’s not inappropriate to post here, but my name is Ryan Gomez and I’m running for office O.P.D.E.C. in District B, roughly Uptown. The Parish Democratic Executive Committee is the foundation of the party and a great opportunity to promote new and progressive voices. Election Day is this Saturday.

Recently, my campaign was featured in the Ambush! The Gay and Lesbian community has made great strides in New Orleans, but the recent upheaval in the wider LGBTQ world shows us that the story of Queer Liberation continues with a new generation of voices. It’s this energy that sustains me as I proceed Uptown and on Reddit.It’s been a great joy watching networks of Queer Mutual-Aid, Art and Space bloom. The emergency of Black Trans Freedom adds poignancy to our solidarity in contrast to the reductive Gay™ mainstream.

A great toast to your health and lovers. My campaign Facebook page is facebook.com/ryanrepresents. Your help in spreading the word would be a great blessing. ✌️🌈✊🌅

True to their commitment to integrity, the mods made sure to include the following note.

Admin note: us allowing this post here does not reflect an endorsement. Any lgbtqia political candidate can post their flier in here if they want as long as their platform isn’t rooted in anti-Blackness or transphobia, but no one should assume an endorsement from admins when we approve these posts to be published. Make choices for yourself via research. Best of luck to all. 

I followed with my concurrence.

I concur with the mods that sharing my post constitutes no endorsement of them for me. I am grateful alone for their hard work, protecting our community from harmful trolls. May we all applaud their commitment to our safety and free speech.