2020 Statement to Louisiana Warren Democrats

The example of Elizabeth Warren inspired me to get involved in politics. After participating with the local Elizabeth Warren campaign, I joined their local Facebook group. On the Afternoon of July 8, I made a statement to my warm compatriots, which I’ve included below.

I hope it’s not too late to post here, but my name is Ryan Gomez and I’m running for office O.P.D.E.C. in New Orleans, District B, roughly Uptown. Election Day is this Saturday.

It was a great thrill to be featured in Antigravity’s Anti-Oppression guide, sweeter given their caveat that I was “Warren-first, Bernie-second.” Without discounting Bernie’s fire or Biden’s nomination, I miss so much about Elizabeth’s candidacy. She was the only one who parsed the nuts and bolts of economic oppression in the eloquence only an educator can bring.

It is that same scientific drive for excellence that inspired me to represent my community of hard-working nurses, bartenders and more. The Democratic Party, from its roots, is only legitimate if it can provide intellectual heft: comprehensive, well considered plans and compelling stories encompassing even the most marginalized citizens. Only we have the talent, the art, the drive and the emergency, if we so cultivate, to make the Big Structural Changes necessary to save Louisiana from the rising of the seas.

All the best wishes for your health. My campaign Facebook page is Ryan Represents in New Orleans. Your help in spreading the word would be a great blessing. ✌️🌈✊

After the election I thanked everyone for their support.

Thank you all for your encouragement. One of the most satisfying pieces of my political activism was joining the Warren constituency. I really admire her.

I only won 20th place, but my campaigned earned up to 1,988 voters, buoying me from my 26th place finish in early voting. I credit all of you! Please continue to invite me to meetings and include me in your advocacy. See you soon and hope to win your support again in 2024!