2020 Ambush Magazine Feature

In 2020, our campaign was very fortunate to be included in Ambush Magazine’s Volume 38 Issue 13 Community Announcements published on Tuesday, June 30. In recent years, new management has taken over. I’m excited by their ambition and continue to look forward to their insights and news on Gay Life in New Orleans. The small article was written by my great friend an well-respected French Quarter historian Frank Perez.

Ryan Gomez, a fixture in the LGBT+ New Orleans community, is running for a seat in District “B” on the Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee (OPDEC). Early voting is now open. Election day is July 11.

The OPDEC holds general responsibility for local Democratic Party affairs, reports to State and National Committees, endorses local candidates, builds party infrastructure and engages in fundraising.

Gomez describes himself as “left-wing because I’m fighting for a more joyful and connected world. While I haven’t always been a “Democrat,” and have abundant qualms with my fellow Democrats, I do believe that the party’s progressive ideals are the best compass for a better future. They’re simply my team, and conveniently, Democrats have a large presence in New Orleans. I try not to take myself too seriously, but I’m lucky to have grown up around politics. Few people have patience for silly games. National news seems geared to selling national media and local politics, intentionally and by accident, has its own mazes and foxholes. Since fools rush in where angels fear to tread, the best way I know to learn more about something is by participating in it. Please vote for me so I can report to you on my discoveries found through holding public office.”

For more information, visit https://ryanrepresents.com/running-for-office