2020 Antigravity Feature

My favorite local election guide is the Antigravity/New Orleans Harm Reduction Network Anti-Oppression/Anti-Bullshit Voting Guide released for every election cycle. They review candidates based on guidelines that “Promote justice, autonomy, and dignity for vulnerable, historically neglected, and exploited populations,” that favor Favor the judicial candidates least destructive to the lives of poor and working class people… and others caught in the dragnet of our punitive legal system,” that are “strategic about New Orleanians’ specific needs being adequately addressed and advocated for on the state and federal levels… Center concerns and demands currently being raised by the public, particularly considering the role of police in our communities, our budgets, and our lifespans,” and “opportunism… exploitation and austerity, and all disaster capitalism…”

For my 2020 campaign, I’m proud to have been reviewed favorably by the magazine. Their approach has guided my political thinking towards specific, local ways to build a better world. I feel they got the vibe of my campaign spot-on and look forward to their wisdom in future elections.

New to politics is Ryan Gomez, whose platform centers around “progressive voices, anti-racism, worker dignity, and care-based society.” Though he self-identifies as being Warren-first Sanders-second this still places him further left than most of the other candidates. His website includes a directory of progressive organizations (and the list is not just full of nonprofits!) encouraging people to get involved. We appreciate the energy.

Summary: YES: Baudouin, Caldwell, Coleman, Gomez, Landry, Kennedy, Peterson, and McKnight. MAYBE: Elliott, Phillips, and Griggs. NO: Brylski, Columbus, Harvey, and Head.